Willamette - Rogue - Klamath  

Summer Steelhead season kicks off on the beautiful Middle fork Willamette River in May and June. Bright Summer steelhead averaging 6-12 pounds, and classic swing runs allow us to dust off the long rods in search of early chrome! By July the fishing shifts to the storied Rogue where the growing run has been aided by the removal of Savage Rapids and Gold Ray dams in the last decade. Early steelhead now have no barriers to the upper river, their cold water refuge and the summer season only continues to become more robust and arrive earlier. The first fish of the summer are bright and feisty, often wild. They offer some of the best sport the whole season. 

Fall Steelhead begins September 1st with the anticipated Fly-Only regulations on the Upper Rogue. Consistent hookups, beautiful scenery, weather and a quiet river offer some of the best steelhead fishing anywhere!

As fly-only regulations near their end on the Rogue, The Klamath steelhead surge in on the heels of the Chinook offering some exceptional dry line steelhead fishing! Worthington fly Fishing operates under an exclusive national forest permit allowing anglers to fish deep in the Wild and Scenic Klamath river canyon and explore remote and often untouched water. The Klamath is by far the most consistent and friendly steelhead river in the region and is the perfect laboratory for the new steelhead angler to hone their skills and learn to spey cast and get bent!

Worthington Fly Fishing Operates under permits issued by the Klamath National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider.